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Translation services for official documents translated by native professionals.

If you need to submit certificatesdegreesdiplomas or other official documents to state and official bodies, you need a sworn translation, and at connect professional translation agency we offer this service.

These are the differences between a simple translation and a sworn translation: the basic difference is that a simple translation is the translation of an original document that does not require official certification by a Sworn Translator, whilst sworn translation is a translation service that requires the official stamp and signature of a Sworn Translator, duly authorized, appointed and registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as required by a competent authority or by express request from the customer.

You just need to send us the documents to translate in a pdf document or scanned in high-resolution jpg format, so we can analyse the texts in detail and send you a personalised quote. After the texts have been translated, you will receive all the documentation, stamped and signed by the Sworn Translator, by urgent registered post at your office or home. Mailing is free and there will be no additional costs to the customer.